NEW! Falling Waters by John Belt


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Pre-Order the new release “Falling Waters” CD Album or get it as a download today! This is a new worship album by John Belt.  The emphasis on this album is on how we can welcome the Holy Spirit into our hearts to fill us up – even to the OVERFLOW!  You will be blessed in experiencing God’s Presence through this album as it will draw you into a greater depth of surrender to His Spirit.

Songs Include

  1. For Your Glory
  2. Overflow
  3. Fill Me With Your Presence
  4. Take Your Place
  5. Glimpses
  6. Overflow My Heart
  7. Holy Jesus
  8. Forevermore
  9. Rivers of Refreshing
  10. Yours is the Kingdom

Pre-order it today as it is scheduled to be released and shipped on December 10th, 2020!